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Bob Levy Teaser Interview

Joseph Cumia Teaser Interview

Teaser For High Society Radio Interview

No Station Required is a documentary looking at the personalities behind the growing phenomenon of Internet Radio/Podcasts/Webshows. We take a look at both the succesful and popular shows along with the ones¬†doing it for little to no income. Aside from filmmaking, I have been hosting an internet radio show for ten years now. I don’t know why it took me this long to put this project together, it seems like a no brainer, but here it is.

We are currently in pre-production, having all the equipment we need, we are now confirming the talent we are going to interview (Filming has already begun!). Below is a very very short and early list. Check back as it will be updated constantly. The more time goes by the more likely you will recognize and most likely listen to (assuming you are a fan of podcasts….if not, what are you doing here?) someone on this list.¬†

Confirmed Host Interviews For The Film:

Anthony Cumia
Bob Levy
Joseph Cumia
Mike Bocchetti
Joe Conte
Kenny Michaels
Mike Gaffney
Joe Fernandes
Joe Matarese
Royce Lopez
Marie Lopez
Joel “Dutch” Van Wingerden
Bronx Johnny
BK Chris
Rich Woods
Kevin Wojtaszek
Chris “Hammy” Hammill
Mike “Punchy” Falcone
Jeremy Johnson
Elvis & Alfred
Jack Gill
Jake Link
Kojo Prince
Mark Dhaniram
John Mayer
Nick Rasmason
Dan DiMarino
Dave Saitzyk
Joe Coletta

KEEP THIS IN MIND – ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE A PODCAST HOST, There are a shit load of other names to be added, the only reason they are not is I simply havent gotten around to get confirmation yet, names big and small. Speaking of the small ones, if we talked or you know me and you host a show and didn’t list you, relax. I’l get to it.